February 2, 2013 at 19:30

Alert in the East. The invasion of car thieves


Original titel: „Alarm im Osten – Invasion der Autodiebe“ 


Focus TV

Author & Copyright: Focus TV Reports

The FOCUS TV report covers the fight of Polish and German police against the car thieves mafia. The car thieves are perfectly equipped with different tools and steal special equipment from car workshops across entire Germany and use it for preparation of new, more refined car thefts, allowing them to earn millions of euros.

However, the police is making progress as well. On both the Polish and German border there are special units assigned to fight with the car mafia. Car controls are more frequent and intensive, for chasing car thieves’ even helicopters are used.

FOCUS TV report follows policemen working in both countries on this problem.

My contribution to the report

I assisted in gathering of materials, contacting interviewees, doing translation, as well as post-production work with the reporter.



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