February 2, 2013 at 20:54

Happy Birthday Wiesn! 200 years of the Munich’s beer festival


Original title: “Happy Birthday, Wiesn! 200 Jahre Münchner Oktoberfest“ 


Munich Beer Festival celebrates its 200 birthday in 2010. This is a world famous celebration attracting around 2 millions of tourists to Munich for two weeks every year. Although Oktoberfest is a huge commercial undertaking, it was able to keep almost all of its very old traditions, like serving only the beer which was brewed in Munich within a schedule determined many years ago.

FOCUS TV reporters accompany the host Peter Schottenhamel, whose family has been managing one of the tents at Oktoberfest since 1876. The report covers the celebration from the first symbolic beer barrel to the closing of the tent for the night.

My contribution to this report

I shot the film material with a cameraman in `Schottenhamel´ tent and conducted interviews there with the celebrating tourists, waitresses and musicians.




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