February 1, 2013 at 19:36

While looking for my father, I find my family


Original titel: We are  Family! So lebt Deutschland: „Ich suche meinen Vater und finde meine Familie“


The docusoap covers an attempt of a young girl – Nicole from Germany, who decided to find her biological father living in the United States, whom she has never seen in her life.
Nicole undertakes a journey to the USA in order to meet her father for the first time since 8 years of separation while living with her mother, who promised to help her in the search.

My contribution to the docusoap

I found of the main interviewees and wrote the pre-script. I conducted interviews with the main protagonist and her family. I did production and post-production work on the casting for the purposes of my internship at the production company Janus TV.

The docusoap was produced by the production company “Micha Hawich

It was broadcasted by the German television channel ‘ProSieben‘ in the program „We are Family. So lebt Deutschland”.





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