June 3, 2013 at 14:58

Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana

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  1. Hi Natalia,

    I am a Liberian refugee but was able to make it out of Ghana now in Malaysia i was checking out news about Liberian refugees in Ghana and what is now happening there and came across your link wow its been a little over a year now since i left from there seeing those pics brings memories and tears to my eyes because i know what it take to live in horor there i live 20 years in that camp since i was 8 years old, i saw all the good the bad and the ugly of that place, i saw the injustics i saw the corruption and i saw the manupilations, thanks for the good work you are able to cause people like me to be inform about the happenings there, thanks.


  2. The camp is still bad we still in hill here in Ghana pls UNHCR pls try for us

  3. hi am Princess ,i live on this camp for 10 yrs and nothing has improve ,pls UNHCR TRY FOR THE STUDENT WE BEG OF THIS ORGANIZATION TO PLS HELP US ,AND OUR PARENTS

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