Original titel: „Der Feind in meinem Bett. Die Vergewaltigungsvorwürfe vor Gericht“

A house gives one a feeling of security. Nonetheless, appearances are often deceptive: almost 60 percent of crimes against women take place in their own surroundings, because the perpetrator turns out to be a partner of the victim. Therefore, taking him to the court is a huge challenge. Mostly there are no witnesses and “it is his word against hers”.

The question regarding the victim’s credibility can become his/her considerable incrimination.

The FOCUS TV report shows the struggle of two women taking action against marital rape.

The partner of Manuela transformed from a lovely father into a cruel abuser, who raped her and threatened with a knife. Manuela had difficulties with making a decision about reporting him to the police. As opposed to her, Emma did not wait with her decision. After a successful escape from her offender’s (at that time boyfriend) flat, she was immediately seeking help with the police and made a complaint without any hesitation.

There are cases where women simulate being raped and in such situations men can become victims of false accusations. Michael. K was confronted with the accusations of marital rape during a fight for child custody between him and his ex-wife.

I conducted the research, found two main female characters and other people involved in their cases like the police, doctors or therapists and conducted castings with them. I also wrote the script and film production schedule, organized the majority of video shooting permissions for locations like courts, hospitals or women’s support center, conducted interviews with the characters. Last but not least, I worked with another FOCUS TV reporter on the production and post-production of the film material.

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